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I've watched it.

I knew the story was going to be a mess, so I went in with that in mind.

Ignoring the story, I'm giving it a 4/10.

I think it's a mess. The pacing is horrible. You have few seconds long scenes changing the location completely. No backstory whatsoever. No character development. Pointless scenes here and there. Maybe it needed more time, I don't know.

And no decent fighting scenes at all! I didn't see any single human except the main characters kill an orc. Not a single one. Fights looked spontaneous and random. The only reason I watched this, was because I wanted to see some kickass fights, and I got NONE. All of them sucked pretty hard, and there weren't many to begin with. At least the CGI was superb, but that's it.

Bad things: The clay golem being pointless, Medivh being an asshole, the trip to Dalaran (A wizard traveling with a gryphon instead of a portal), only one gryphon at scene, no other troops aside from the most basic stuff (not even some siege action), and countless more things just in the first 30min. I should have stopped and noted them, cause I'm probably not going to watch it again.

I think we should have gotten some backstory, like Lord of the Rings' prologues. Short, awesome, and very helpful. Mannoroth's blood scene was necessary, in my opinion, or at least any scene involving all the orc leaders, with their banners, to introduce them properly. Same for the Alliance leaders, introduce them as they walk into the throne room, or don't even include them anyway. Look again how well LotR did this with Elrond's gathering.

The ending felt pretty lame as well. I don't know if they want to jump straight into the Third War after this movie or what, but the ending isn't any good for a trilogy of W1+W2.

So, let's go to story:

Changes I liked include Taria being Lothar's sister, Llane fighting in the battlefield, Durotan dueling Gul'dan, and that's it. Everything else is BAD, even Garona being "rescued" and then they all trust her just because! What the fuck.

I admit I love the original story a lot, but I swear I'm not being biased here: Most of the changes are for the WORSE. The original story, in part thanks to the novelizations, was pretty good itself, though I agree it could be improved. But all the changes they made? What was their point?

Some things feel like "non-fans gotta understand the thing" but then they don't introduce anything properly anyway in the entire movie so what's the fucking point? It's like they half-assed it between mainstream movie and fan movie, when they should have gone with just one side, preferably mainstream imo.

I just don't understand the pacing, the changes to the story, and just why they did the things they did. No tension, no mystery, no "driving you forward" with the story. In fact, viewing it from the outside, the story screams an excuse for just your generic action movie. Except it doesn't have that much action anyway.

I expected a decent movie, staying away from my love of Warcraft, and I'm sad to say I didn't find it. At least it seemed to do decent enough for this CGI to become popular I hope, I really liked the tech used. Aesthetics, they felt way too generic and repetitive in some moments.

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