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Honestly it was always extremely flimsy that the Scarlet Crusade were the only group in the entire world that seemed to think the "despite not being affiliated wit the Scourge" stuff could feasibly be a trick as all grounds for suspicion among the protagonists were either toned down or ignored outright for the sake of shoehorning them into a player faction.

After Arthas and Dar'khan destroyed two entire kingdoms by waltzing in pretending to be good guys so they could let in the rest of the Scourge, everyone should have been intensely paranoid about the Forsaken being more of the same thing. Hell, the fact Sylvanas leads the Forsaken should have had the blood elves trusting their intentions even less, because half of the Scourge is made up of familiar rotting faces anyway, so just because they used to know the talking corpse in charge wasn't remotely a good reason to trust her.

It always seemed kind of dumb and bizarre to me the way WoW treated the very idea of the Scourge covertly infiltrating the Forsken like it was somehow a ridiculous notion that only crazy Scarlet Crusaders would ever entertain, despite the pre-WoW Scourge being notable for using agents and champions who could pass for living (let alone free-willed undead) citizens of their enemies' kingdoms. An undead agent of the Scourge wouldn't even need magic or makeup to blend in at the Undercity, yet after all these years we had a ton of apothecaries secretly collaborating with the Burning Legion, and nary a single Forsaken ever turned out to be a spy for the Scourge the whole time.

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