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Originally Posted by Thunderbraid View Post
... do i really need to spell it out? do people have that short memories?

the majority of the alliance soldier NPCs during the ahn'qiraj opening events were dwarves, with steam tanks, and cavalry. they were literally lined up opposite horde grunts on the hill leading down from cenarion hold

as for largest conflict in vanilla time being between dwarves and orcs. that's self-explanatory and i am honestly gobsmacked i need to explain it: alterac valley was the largest battleground in vanilla wow. it was between Stormpikes (Majority dwarves) and Frostwolves (Majority orcs)

the conflict was started by a sovereign imperative from ironforge, and the dwarves have repeatedly been named as the backbone of the alliance. i'd like to see that get a proper mention in the chronicles
yeah no one cares. Consider yourself lucky if it isnt retconned
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