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I'm still not sure how Valeera ended up as a flagship character.

Even in the series where she was a main character, she didn't really contribute much outside her own subplot (and even that had to be retconned in). Outside of that, she had a relatively minor in-game appearance, with a slightly bigger one in Legion. You'd think Garona would be the one in her place.

Also, there's something hilarious about the fact that, after the comic, she apparently set out to buy a dozen different sets of fel-looking-but-not-actually-fel daggers. I guess she liked how they looked with her revealing-slave-gladiator outfit that Rehgar inexplicably[1] owned, and she still inexplicably[1] wears.

Originally Posted by Gortrash View Post
...there wasn't so much as a line of dialogue about her in-game...
She briefly popped up in one or two quests during WotLK, and has a role in the rogue storyline in Legion.
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