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Yo! I come here asking for an answer from people who know. You guys might already have talked about this earlier in this thread, but I don't want to read above this post. I know you discuss Attack on Titan and I fear being spoiled the story more than anything, especially after one asshole I know spoiled me Sasha's death (I don't read the manga, only rushed through the anime one month ago). So I will only read posts that quote this one to be sure, so please quote it when answering.

Alright, so I didn't like the direction Naruto was taking after Pain so I dropped the show for the time being and went over to Bleach. I have now reached the Pendulum of the Past arc (with young Urahara, Yoruichi, Soi Fon, Aizen, Mayuri, etc.) and I am quite liking the show despite some of its continuity nonesense. However, I have been told by a friend that the show was cancelled and that the story is unfinished. Is that true? If so, this is sure pissing me off. Is the story ridiculously rushed to finish the show early or is it just that I'll never see the ending unless I read the manga?
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