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Originally Posted by Millenia View Post
3) Bother politicians to implement ranked-choice voting. This should hopefully reduce the influence of right-wing crazies in the future, and perhaps even slightly reduce partisanship as the parties slowly begin to fragment.
While I don't know that I can agree with literally anything else you've said, you & I are on the same page with this one. One of our biggest problems today is lack of communication; that problem stems largely from polarization. And polarization is, by definition, due to the boiling down of American politics into two massive polar opposite political factions. There's no nuance, no subtlety, no room for reconciliation when doing so means DEATH, apparently.

Ranked Voting (or Preferential Voting, especially something as simple as Modified Borda Count) is simply superior in nearly every way. Keep FPTP single-vote elections for schoolyard debates or high school prom queens, and let the adults in the room FINALLY start expressing a diversity of opinion! Maybe I don't like everything about Candidate B, but he's a far sight better than Candidate C or D, and if I can only vote for A, well, then, shucky darns. : [

Don't get me started on preferential voting. Suffice it to say, Go Maine!
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...Triumvirate has it right.
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Triumvirate; you weird.
Welcome to the club. Have a drink on the house.
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I like this guy.
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