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Originally Posted by Noitora View Post
So who are the factions in StarCraft? Besides the races.
The Terran Dominion: corrupt dictatorship founded by Arcturus Mengsk after he used the Zerg to overthrow the equally corrupt Confederacy of Man. Now ruled by Arcturus' allegedly more idealistic son, Valerian, who is purportedly instituting reforms.

The Umojan Protectorate: Dominion's much more idealistic yet militarily weaker neighbor. They do like harboring political refugees from the Dominion, as well as using espionage and supporting insurgent groups within the Dominion to keep it off balance so as to prevent an invasion. Home of Valerian's mother.

The Kel-Morian Combine: Corporate conglomerate with its own military. Lost a lot of its autonomy years ago in a war with the Confederacy. Not overly explored.

United Earth Directorate: From Earth, sent a fleet led by Admirals Dugalle and Stukov to subdue and stabilize the Korprulu Sector once aliens appeared. Succeeded for about a minute before being steamrolled under Kerrigan's rise to power. Believers in the purity of the human race (or at least we're when they banished the TerransTerrans who eventually colonized the Korprulu Sector), so they don't care for psychics or cyborgs.

Various Underworld Syndicates, such as the one led by Mira Han, the psychotic European cyborg merc who apparently married Raynor's 2nd in command after he won a card game (and much to Horner's chagrin, she takes that somewhat seriously).

Quasi-Canon: if you side with the colonists against the Protoss in WoL, the news reports that a lot of the refugees from the current Zerg invasion are founding independent colonies.

A lot of the old broods if not all from sc1 are gone. By the looks of things they've been replaced by new as of yet unnamed broods led by Brood Mothers (bigger smarter queens).

Beyond that there's also Primal Zerg, individual Zerg from the homeworld of Zerus who seek personal evolution by consuming the essence of other creatures, including/especially other Zerg.

Probably have the most factions that we know of, so please do forgive me if I don't go into too much detail initially. I'm typing on a phone.

Judicator Caste (rulers and record keepers):
Ara Tribe: Rulers, known for being pricks. Their power has reduced significantly since the fall of Aiur.
Shelak Tribe: Record keeper and archaeologists. Khans, who invented Protoss writing and rediscovered the Khala, ending the age of strife, came from this clan.

Khalai Caste (artisans):
Furinax Tribe: Armorers. There are other Khalai caste tribes, but these are the only ones who make weapons, so they're the only ones ever featured anywhere.

Templar Caste (Warriors):
Akilae: Main army.
Auriga: Main fleet.
Sargas: Enforcers, high rate of Dark Templar defections.
Velari: Only thing of note is that they were defeated when the Overmind came to Aiur
Venatir: also known for high dark templar defection rate

Nerazim (commonly known as Dark Templar):
Alysaar: record keepers, maintain crystals that hold DT memories.
Boros: known for armor and helmets.
Zera'tai: use scythes and wear Zerg bones.
Lenassa: wear cloth masks on face.

Tal'darim: The new short story will give you a better idea than I ever could. Basically Amon worshipping Protoss Sith.

If you want to know more about specific tribes:

EDIT: edited in descriptions for Protoss Tribes.

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