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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
So Trump has just said the USA is doing great under him.

Is what he said true?
In terms of overall economic activity it seems that way. But the economic rally I'm talking about was mostly driven by expectations, and that becomes obvious when you consider that it kicked off almost immediately after his election.

There's a fair bit of logic behind this, Republicans typically deregulate, and the Obama administration created a lot of regulation that didn't make a whole lot of sense. But did Trump axe the right ones and only the right ones? Don't know yet. Similarly, we won't see the effects of tax reform at least until we're into the 2019 filing season, although I think for the economy in the short/medium term, they will be very positive.

The elephant in the room is the debt, which the elephants in the room suddenly don't care about. If Trump's actions generate enough economic activity to curb the deficit, then we're fine, but the cavalier attitude of ignoring it doesn't say good things.
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