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Originally Posted by Reinhardt View Post
15 assholes were not prevented to manifest peacefully while people were looking for corpses of people killed during Franco's dictatorship.
Well, it's more the fact that the local government authorized it. There are local mayors openly francoist with the flag in their office. The crimes of the francoist regime were never investigated because the guys ruling the country were still in power when democracy started. The dictator's party is a legal political party nowadays.

Yesterday far right people who assaulted a catalan cultural event in 2013 were permitted to not enter prison because "they had children to care for".
On the other hand there's peaceful people in prison right now because "they cheered and instigated violence" on Barcelona when there are countless videos and the 24h news feed of that day online where anyone can see that those people were trying to defuse the situation. They have a family to care for too.

This country has no solution. It's an eternal cycle of hatred by one side and the other.
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