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Something like SoO 2 20.00%
Mirrored raid(s) with Sylvanas and an Alliance char dying. 1 10.00%
Sylvanas will die in a scenario 1 10.00%
Sylvanas will escape to be a threat in the future 4 40.00%
Sylvanas will win and/or be redeemed 2 20.00%
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Old 11-05-2018, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Icefrost View Post
Wait, what short story? Are we talking about Saurfang being let go by him in that cinematic? Or have a missed something big?
Not a short story, actually; it was Son of the Wolf, a comic about Anduin that was release during Legion. It ends with a flash-forward to Velen and an aged, grizzled Anduin on the bridge of a naaru dimension-ship, about to engage in what was, at the time, presumed to be some final climactic confrontation against the Burning Legion.

With the Burning Legion arguably defunct at this point with its leadership gone and the nature of demons making it likely to fall apart without Sargeras or the eredar hierarchy, one might presume it was meant to portray them against some other enemy, or perhaps that the whole thing was just a "what if" future that was used to make a point at the time and won't ever come up again.
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