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Originally Posted by Trickster View Post
Technically, the Horde should also have empowered animals. Id like more Goblin and Gnome rivalry. Kinda like explosions vs lasers maybe.

As for elemental, I think it would be nice if the Horde showed predisposition to Fire and Earth and the Alliance used more Wind and Water.
I agree with that in general, though there's always the obvious racial biases, Dwarves would use more Earth/Metal and Fire than the rest of the Alliance.

Maybe even break it up on clan basis. Bronzebeards: Earth and Ice, Dark Irons: Metal and Fire, Wildhammer: Lightning/Wind and 'life'?

As for the Alliance and Horde I've always wanted them and the goblin/gnome divide to kind of spread to the rest of the factions styles.

With Biological enhancement through alchemy and voodoo with a bit of elemental and shadow based enhancement, while the Alliance did it more through divine and technological means.
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