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Old 05-22-2018, 04:41 AM
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Is a month of respectful/stunned silence enough? I’m gonna miss the Brode. He brought a level of enthusiasm that was just amazing. Not unlike Metzen. Probably more than Metzen come to think of it. I’m gonna miss that guy.

I’ve made it through all of the Monster Hunts and taken down Hagatha. I’m considering switching from witchwood packs to classic. More longevity, and I’m about as likely to draw dust from one as I am the other....... but there’s still a couple Witchwood cards I kinda want.
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Old 07-10-2018, 01:23 PM
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The Boomsday Project is Hearthstone's next expansion:

-New keyword: Magnetic. If you have a mech on the board, playing a minion with magnetic will cause the two to fuse into new, more powerful version of the mech card.

-Project cards: Incredibly powerful cards whose effects benefit both players.

-Legendary spells.

-Omega Project: Cards that have an additional, incredibly overpowered, effect if played for ten mana crystals instead of their normal cost.

-Puzzle Mode: A new single player mode that "puts your analytical skills to the test."

-New Warlock Hero: Mecha-Jaraxxus

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Old 07-10-2018, 04:28 PM
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Can't say I have much interest in this particular expansion's theme, to be honest. Based on the teasers, I was hoping for a slightly more serious expansion based on Netherstorm in general (the Sunfury, the naaru, the ethereals, the Burning Legion, the animals of the eco-domes, etc.), but instead they based the main premise of the expansion around Dr. Boom. Of course, there are 130 cards we haven't seen yet and there's still plenty of time for Dimensius or Kael'thas to show up, but I can't say I have particularly high hopes.

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