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Old 09-11-2017, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post

Heres the video.

In my mind, FWIW, you dont have to be great at video games to write about them. As Dunmerbro points out, writing is a skill not required for gaming, and vice versa.

However, much like the Polygon Doom video, theres a certain level of give a shit and competency you need to have in order to even understand what it is you are reviewing.

This took him 4 minutes to clear the first jump of the tutorial, with instructions on screen telling him how to do it.

Dunmerbro mentioned Dark Souls. It concerned me a lot (hobby wise)because the remake of Crash Bandicoot was being held up as Dark Soulsian in nature due to its difficulty. Games are easier now, yes. I think thats a given. But when it gets to this level, at what point do we stop?

And, conversely, Walking Sim games dont need skills. They are perfectly viable games, itta interactive entertainment. Should people who write about games be expected to be able to actually play them considering the sheer amount of variance?
First, thanks for acknowledging my Dunmer identity. I feel validated.

Hmm... so I can actually see how the demo's instructions might have been misinterpreted. The directions "Y - Dash - Quick Evade on Ground or Air" were placed right before the big obstacle. Thus, someone might misinterpret the instructions to mean that you're supposed to dash to get over it.

The solution ("A - Jump - Tap for Short, Hold for High Jump") is placed before the shorter obstacle, and are already at the edge of the screen by the time you get to the big obstacle. Granted, it's by no means terribly complex, but I can see how someone might get a little confused. The directions are not well-placed.

Now, maybe that's what he was trying to do, and he just failed at it. None of us know what was going on in his head. We've all had brain farts.

This stuff does matter. I used to work in Internet marketing, and it's been shown that people can miss important elements on a website if those elements aren't well-placed. I'm not sure that this episode alone would count as a deficiency in skill. I have no idea as to how difficult Cuphead is or isn't, so I can't comment on his ability when it comes to the actual game.

Honestly, I'd need to know a little bit more about what he was having a hard time with before I offer an opinion. The video alone doesn't give enough evidence.

When they described the Crash Bandicoot as being like Dark Souls, did they mean it? As in, was it really that difficult? Or was that just marketing-speak?

I was annoyed at how easy Diablo III was. You could pretty much win that game by weighing down your mouse button. I'm still flabbergasted that anyone thought it was a good game (I put it in the same category as BioShock: Infinite—games whose popularity I am unable to understand).
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