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Old 05-24-2017, 01:14 PM
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If this has been covered earlier then I've missed it.

Sue me.

So we all know Illidan/Maiev trading "LE QUIPS XD" is utter cancer and makes no sense, but I'm honestly trying to fathom how, if at all, it was explained in-game?

Because, narrative wise, it currently looks like this as I see it - unless I've missed something:
  • Illidan novel, confirms TBC ending; he's dead.
  • Wolfheart novel, turns Maiev into a raging lunatic that turns against the Night Elves.
  • Legion, where Illidan is suddenly back with little, if any, reason given. Maiev is literally BFFs with everyone despite Wolfheart.


Originally Posted by Frostwolf View Post
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Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
It's *OK* to have national pride, and to want to put your own country's interests first. That's reasonable. It's also OK to expect immigrants to embrace your culture before they try to shove theirs down your throat... after cutting your throat open...
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Old 05-24-2017, 01:35 PM
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Illidan still died at the Black Temple; he's brought back to life during the Nighthold fight against Gul'dan when Gu'dan tries to summon Sargeras' spirit into Illidan's corpse, and Khadgar puts Illidan's soul back instead to prevent it.

So the circumstances of Illidan's return are fairly well documented. Everyone basically ignoring Maiev's behavior in Wolfheart still doesn't really make sense, though. Kinda like everyone basically ignoring Magatha Grimtotem's misdeeds.

It's one thing to cooperate with an enemy against a greater threat, but it just seems stupid to blindly do so with those enemies who proved willing to commit their betrayals specifically during the struggle against the greater threat. Magatha and Maiev both took advantage of the Cataclysm's devastation and uncertainty to make their power plays; neither should be trusted not to do the same thing again, only with the Legion stomping around this time.
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Old 05-24-2017, 02:16 PM
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So Reborn Illidan doesn't mention m-muh Tyrande after all....

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Old 05-24-2017, 02:58 PM
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Yeah how Illidan came back is pretty clear and documented. Gul'dan took his corpse to put Sargeras's soul in and had Helya take his soul, we got his soul back when we killed Helya, and then Khadgar put them together at Nighthold before Gul'dan could put Sargeras inside Illidan.

As for the elephant in the room that is Wolfheart, it is mentioned a grand total of twice in Legion, both during the Bradensbrook questline. The first one you can ask Jarod how he and Maiev got separated, and he'll give a quick summary. The second time is by Maiev herself who can't believe Jarod came to her even after she tried to kill him, only for Jarod to literally tell her "never mind that."

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Old 05-24-2017, 07:11 PM
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I see the best Tauren character and the night elf HBI2C triggering cattle. Good
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Old 05-24-2017, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
I see the best Tauren character and the night elf HBI2C triggering cattle. Good

I have no idea what you're trying to communicate, here.
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Old 05-26-2017, 02:25 AM
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So, I was checking Calia Menethil's page on WoWpedia, and I noticed this;

In the Legion beta, she would say in N Priest [100] Agent of Aid that she has renounced her claim to the throne of Lordaeron, declaring it a lost kingdom.

This line, along with any other mention of Lordaeron from her, has since been removed. As such, it is unknown what her stance on the kingdom is now.
Is this true? I am asking because if it is and that text got removed already in beta, it means that Calia giving upon her claim to Lordaeron is as of now not canon, and it actually never was.
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Old 05-26-2017, 03:19 AM
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Yep, it was deleted in beta.
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Old 05-26-2017, 02:16 PM
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More importantly, did Sylvanas ever resign her position as Ranger-General of Quel'Thalas?

I know Halduron Brightwing CLAIMS to be the legitimate military leader, but c'mon.
Originally Posted by Noitora View Post
So besides Grackle still being triggered about ships [. . .]
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Old Yesterday, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
More importantly, did Sylvanas ever resign her position as Ranger-General of Quel'Thalas?

I know Halduron Brightwing CLAIMS to be the legitimate military leader, but c'mon.
Well, she died.
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