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Long overdue, the Thornby Fan Club has finally opened its prestigious doors to the public. All who kneel before Thornby as the HERO of the Alliance are welcome to take part. Rule 1: All who join must /kneel before Thornby in the proper topic. /curtsy is acceptable as well. Rule 2: When Thornby is addressed with his formal title of HERO of the Alliance, HERO must be done entirely in capital letters as befitting how much of a hero Thornby is.
7 1 3 0
07:44 PM
A place to have measured and quality lore discussions, as well as archive quality lore posts. No whining or bitching allowed, bad mannered people will be banned or temporarily removed as punishment. Be excellent to each other. Invite only.
19 3 35 0
02:40 AM
A group dedicated to the preservation and correctness of World of Warcraft Lore.
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Everybody skeptical about the lore (or the devs' ability to make it as awesome as they promise) of "Warlords of Draenor" is welcome here. #not our draenor #kar gaht is evul #kill rog is evul
28 4 12 1
09:17 PM
Some of us envision the construction of a new world of Azeroth, one designed with consistency and scale. We like making ridiculously big posts about the subject, but occasionally we need to confer with like-minded fellows before we do. That's what this group is for.
6 2 5 0
11:50 AM
A radical and schismatic shaman faction that seeks world peace for Azeroth by achieving a total restoration of the elementals and their primal lords. We must abandon tribal loyalties to the Horde and Alliance and embrace a spirit of international solidarity with all species of the planet. As a great elemental once said: "Our loyalty is to the planet and civilization." - Al'Akir the Wise
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