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This is for all the bright-eyed heroes who sought to found a new realm in Kalimdor, only to learn that a lot of people in the Horde are determined to repeat the same mistakes. Disenchanted Forsaken/Blood Elves are also welcome.
22 3 26 1
09:15 PM
Goblinity and engineering, what more could you want? Engineers of other races are also welcome. Leave blueprints lying around, unprotected, at your own expense.
4 1 1 0
04:43 PM
A radical and schismatic shaman faction that seeks world peace for Azeroth by achieving a total restoration of the elementals and their primal lords. We must abandon tribal loyalties to the Horde and Alliance and embrace a spirit of international solidarity with all species of the planet. As a great elemental once said: "Our loyalty is to the planet and civilization." - Al'Akir the Wise
1 0 0 0
Some of us envision the construction of a new world of Azeroth, one designed with consistency and scale. We like making ridiculously big posts about the subject, but occasionally we need to confer with like-minded fellows before we do. That's what this group is for.
6 2 5 0
11:50 AM
Open to all stout hearted folk who enjoy a good Dwarven ale.
9 5 11 62
04:35 AM
The Conservative Club opposes the evil liberals of SoL.
13 2 11 0
10:29 AM
GG'ers, anti-SJW's, conservatives, etc.
13 1 7 15
08:09 PM
Everybody skeptical about the lore (or the devs' ability to make it as awesome as they promise) of "Warlords of Draenor" is welcome here. #not our draenor #kar gaht is evul #kill rog is evul
28 4 12 1
09:17 PM
The Greater Legion includes: - The Burning Legion proper - Queen Azshara, Light of Lights, and her Quel'dorei, and also Lord Xavius and the Satyr, under the direct command of Lord Sargeras - Sun King Kael'thas Sunstrider and the Sunfury Sin'dorei under the command of Lord Kil'jaeden - Grommash Hellscream and the Warsong Clan, under the command of Lord Mannoroth - Rage Winterchill and the Scourge, under the command of Lord Tichondrius - The Shadow Council of Jaednaar, and the Argus Wake, under the command of Lord Kil'jaeden Ner'zhul was never loyal, so does not belong. Illidan Stormrage and Gul'dan were undependable. The Sargerei and the Fel Iron Horde serve the Legion, but belong to a different universe.
1 1 1 0
05:07 AM
For Quel'Thalas! For the Sunwell! GLORY TO THE SIN'DOREI!
29 7 69 6
10:33 PM
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