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Cantus 09-22-2012 08:42 PM

SoL Public Works, Project 3: The Imaginarium Contest
All right folks, it's time to get your thinking (or drinking) caps on, this is the Creature Creator Contest. The goal is to create three completely unique, absolutely never before seen creatures for the Warcraft Universe. It's a contest of imagination and skill, you don't get props for just throwing something crazy together. The rewards for the top three contestants are the permanent title of World Builder and a Titan icon.

The rules for the contest are as follows...
  • Creatures must be from your own imagination. You can use other sources for inspiration, but should be aware that anything copied in full or part will be considered plagiarism.
    • Plagiarism will be punished with title "Lord Anus Wanker" and permanent Assing (and not the sexy elven kind).
  • Creatures cannot be human-animal or animal-animal hybrids. Again, inspiration is fine, shoving two animals together and calling it imagination is not.
    • If it looks like it was designed to fit into a Star Trek:TNG episode we'll look poorly on your submission.
    • The single exception to this rule are seapigs. If you can make that look good, more power to you.
  • Creatures must be in the Warcraft style, meaning drawn to fit its universe.
    • Creatures drawn in the style of anime or other completely unrealistic depictions will be looked on poorly.
    • Creatures created as pokemon or chibi will a receive the temporary title of MaiWaifu with attached icon.
  • Creatures can be for either PC or NPC status. If PC, it can be humanoid enough to use in-game armor and weapons, but should not go further.
    • If you can consider the creature "sexy" by normal human societal standards, you have automatically failed. This is not the Pornarium Contest.
  • Please provide a transcript of written information, both for our non-English speakers to work off of and because I'm blind as a freakin' bat.
    • For pictures that have microscopic detail, please include an enlarged figure (we're not looking for perfection, just something to make visualizing it a bit easier).
  • If it's not immediately obvious, please describe the habitat, habits, and etc. of your creature.
    • While the creature itself is 85% of the submission, applying it to the world is the last 15% that really pushes you to the top.
  • Submissions will be judged by a combination of Admin/Mod panel and user ratings for each piece.
  • The initial contest lasts from September 23 to October 23. Any submissions thereafter will earn individuals temporary World Builder, MaiWaifu, or LAW titles relative to their submissions quality.
Any off the charts submissions will be given consideration for extra accolades and rewards.

Mark_Romaneck 09-22-2012 09:06 PM

Slowpokeking 09-23-2012 08:04 AM

Where do we put our work? In this thread?

Cantus 09-23-2012 08:19 AM

Yup, this is the submissions thread. A public judgment thread will be made available as of Oct 6th. You can submit as many creatures as you'd like, but for the permanent titles you must select the top three you want to be judged come Oct 22nd. All creatures submitted beyond the top three will be put into a separate reward set.

Slowpokeking 09-23-2012 08:24 AM




Description: Its head looks like Hammerhead Sharks, the body is usually dark and streamline and different individuals got different shape of fin, usually covered by special armor. Although they look like beasts but got high intelligence. They do not walk but levitate when they are on the land.

Lifespan: The Sphyrnidaian could live for 1000-1500 years, takes 100 years to grow mature. The high rank individuals can be immortal by fusing their body with powerful magic but usually chose not to because they thought without the new blood must come up their whole society will die. They only use magic to stop the leaders' death and aging if serious crisis occurs and the new blood hasn't grow strong enough yet.

History: The Sphyrnidaian were once peaceful small civilization that lived on Kalimdor long before the War of the Ancients. Nobody knew how do they look in the beginning. With the rise of the nightelves, they were driven off from their homelands and almost went extinct. Some young individuals developed new magical spells to allow them go into the sea, then they used this to live under water, thus escaped from the night elves‘ hunt. With the development of magic and technology, they could live in the ocean permanently and later became the hammerhead shark looking being today. They decide to hide themselves until the time is right and swore to take revenge against the night elves.

Through the recent events of Azeroth such as the Catalysm. They made a plan to secretly reduce the naga’s living space through manipulation and small conflicts but didn‘t declare a total war, force the naga to go up and avenge the night elves. Then once the time is right they will reveal themselves to the world and annihilate both the naga and the night elves. Part of the Sphyrnidaian thought they should only take over the nightelves’ territory but the others thought they should take over the whole Kalimdor.

Belief: The great Leviathan, one of the greatest ancients. It was rumored that it helped them to get this form. This being is part of Azeroth, like Elune is the personification of the moon, it is the personification of the ocean. It could take various forms of animals when it contact with the Sphyrnidaian, sometimes a huge orca, sometimes a giant serpent. Unlike most of the worshippers, the Sphyrnidaian communicate with their god and learn knowledge from him, but rarely ask him to help directly, they also always try to find new elements through after they learned the knowledge from their god. Priests are not allowed to gain political power.

Culture: The Sphyrnidaian are vicious and cunning and it‘s the only way to survive in the ocean. They don't like killing but will be ruthless when they view others as enemies, nor are they xenophobic but take their brethrens‘ lives much more important than others. They will use all the tactics and dirty ways to vanquish them. The relationships are tight between families and friends. Women are no weaker than men in all the ways so both genders are completely equal.

Government Structure: The Sphyrnidaian were ruled by a small council formed by twelve Patriarchs/Matriarchs, their most elite and powerful men, once one patriarch or matriarch reaches 700 or shows the sign of senescence, he/she must resign from the position and the competition of the new patriarch will begin, the competitors must face challenges base on the specific position. The Grand Patriarch/Matriarch got slightly higher power than the others normally, but he/she will become the supreme commander once the nation enters war to make sure the efficiency.

Social Structure: They admire strength, but always think mind over matter. Scholars, technician and spellcasters are the highest level since they built up almost everything.

Relationships: Most of the sentient races have ok relationship with the Sphyrnidaian.The Sphyrnidaian hate Naga while they share. They plan to use them against the night elves and destroy them all when the time is right. they respect the Sea Giants and have some communication with these ancient beings to gain more knowledge.

Technology: The Sphyrnidaian are probably the greatest race on biology and bionics, all of their creations, even their buildings are organic creatures through the study of other beings. They command these by their mental communication power. Thus they focus on keep genetic code to prevent other races use biological weapon or copy their technology through DNA. They also got DNA virus weapon but rarely use it because of its devastating effect.

Magic: The Sphyrnidaian suffered badly from arcane magic and Elune’s power before they went into the sea. So they focused on develop counter strategy. Many naga were once nightelves’ elite mages, the Sphymidain spent great efforts to kidnap and make research them. After such effort, they developed the skill to change or even shatter the creature’s arcane affinity. They also developed the ability to sever the connection of the creature‘s mind with others so they could not call for their gods‘ help. The Sphyrnidaian also got firm grasp over the water element. Elite spellcasters can even directly command the water inside the enemy’s body, let it leave the body to kill the enemy.

Military Units: The Sphyrnidaian don't use their own people but different sizes of mantis shrimp alike living constructs to fight as melee soldiers. They also got heavy units such as liopleurodon alike battleships and viperfish alike submarines. They prepared giant jellyfish and shark alike constructs as their airforce once they get on the land. These constructs are usually under engineers and spellcasters‘ command. Engineers’ responsibly is to fix and command the units, the spell caster is to empower them with magic and counter other’s powerful spell.

Kir the Wizard 09-23-2012 08:55 AM

I think you need to add a picture, Slow.

And fix the grammar.

Slowpokeking 09-23-2012 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard (Post 561938)
I think you need to add a picture, Slow.

And fix the grammar.

My own drawing is horrible and I need to work on other stuff now.

Cantus 09-23-2012 04:56 PM

"It looks like a Hammerhead shark." Really. That's your description. Your very first entry, in less than 24 hours, is a fucking floating Street Shark. Jesus christ kid, did you even read the rules?

Shaman 09-23-2012 05:11 PM

Me no good artist.

Falarson 09-23-2012 05:16 PM

>implying handclaw won't win this

Slowpokeking 09-23-2012 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by Cantus (Post 562122)
"It looks like a Hammerhead shark." Really. That's your description. Your very first entry, in less than 24 hours, is a fucking floating Street Shark. Jesus christ kid, did you even read the rules?

I think I should focus more on culture and society structure rather than appearance for sentient beings. Also all beings got their shape for a reason, I don't think some extremely weird looking creatures will fit the environment well.

Cantus 09-23-2012 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by Slowpokeking (Post 562136)
I think I should focus more on culture and society structure rather than appearance for sentient beings. Also all beings got their shape for a reason, I don't think some extremely weird looking creatures will fit the environment well.

I'm going to say this once, and you can choose to ignore it at your leisure. The entire point of this is to create a living creature, not a living society. Adding the society is nice, but I don't give a rats arse about it if the creature itself isn't unique. You can describe it and then make a crude drawing, or you can go all out Samwise on the mother, but the creature is the object of the contest.

Of course you have to remember that if you choose to continue harping on your beliefs instead of the contest rules, I'm more than happy to give you a special title for a special snowflake.

Aneurysm 09-27-2012 11:13 AM

Here's my contribution.

Jungleluke 09-27-2012 11:16 AM

I am in! (although I am a very bad drawer, is that a not-so-good thing if I also have a good explanation?)

I just got a good idea! (not telling you ofcourse)

Slaman 09-27-2012 01:48 PM

As I was reading the rules, I was thinking "Oh man, Slowpoke's entry is going to be good." Glad it didn't take long to cash in.

Also, I'm pretty sure someone's gonna submit plagiarism just to intentionally get the Lord Anus Wanker title.

Other than that, I look forward to seeing the creativity here.

Cantus 09-27-2012 02:34 PM

Minor request, please provide a transcript of written information, both for our non-English speakers to work off of and because I'm blind as a freakin' bat. As well, for pictures that have microscopic detail, please include an enlarged figure (we're not looking for perfection, just something to make visualizing it a bit easier).

Finally, if it's not immediately obvious, please describe the habitat, habits, and etc. of your creature. While the creature itself is 85% of the submission, applying it to the world is the last 15% that really pushes you to the top.

(The above will be posted in the original post.)

As to personal drawing skills, they can suck nuts or be god-like and it won't matter so long as the creature itself is fully understood.

And @ Slaman...yeah, probably, but if someone's stupid enough to enjoy conducting rusty choruses then far be it from us to stop them. Also...submit something yourself. You obviously can't be as embarrassing as SPK's first attempt, so there's no harm in throwing your own offering onto the pyre.

handclaw 09-27-2012 02:45 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Falarson (Post 562133)
>implying handclaw won't win this

Being a mod, I believe mine shouldn't count. :P

Still, my unofficial submission.

Ehem.. The Voiceless One.

These floating creatures are minions of the Old Ones. They posses no voice, but they have the ability to steal one from others. With these, they terrorize their enemy and try to put them into disarray. Be aware, what you believe is their head, is nothing but a misdirection. Sometimes the face is reformed to match its voice, to terrify the enemy more.

With almost serpentine motions it floats around. All along its body are claws and eyes. At its rear, a venomous sting, to kill its prey.

The design was created rather randomly. It went from an older idea I had, another take on a "Voiceless One", which was far more humanoid.
In hindsight, it reminds me quite of Koh, the Face Stealer from Avatar. Still, I only wanted to create a "maggotlike" creature which serves the Old Gods. :P

Anansi 09-27-2012 02:47 PM


A subterranean species of marsupial. They have a soft belly and a thick armor of heavy spines on their back. They're completely blind, but have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. Quadrupedal, their back legs are long and powerful while their front legs are substantially shorter but much more dexterous. They stand about chest high on a dwarf, and can grow to a length of four feet.

They have short, flexible snouts that taper towards the tip, where two rows of scoop-shaped external teeth are found. At the base of the fleshy snout, which is as dexterous as an elephant's trunk, is a pair of jaws that wield a second two rows of teeth for the mastication of food. The external set is for scooping aside dirt and stone in the digging of a den or hunting of insects.

Their front legs end at spade-shaped 'hands' that house four retractable fingers in rounded sockets of bony plate. These legs connect to the torso with a joint similar to the humanoid shoulder, allowing for a wide range of movement. The back legs are strong enough to support the body on their own weight, but a lack of natural balance obliges the creatures to more typically travel and rest on all fours, standing on these hind legs only when scaling a difficult obstacle or searching for something higher than their natural stature allows.

Though the grumdogs are completely blind and, in fact, have no eyes to speak of, they have an incredible sense of smell, capable of detecting water through several meters of granite. More remarkable still, however, is their use and apparent deep appreciation of sound and music. In the wild, their warrens often thrum with the harmony of a dozen or so interlacing voices. It is for this amazing behavior that communities of grumdogs are commonly called "choirs." Grumdogs have been shown to use musical tones of various pitches and durations to communicate practical ideas, such as danger, food, safety, mating and greeting, but the diversity and frequency with which the creatures sing has lead some to speculate that much of their 'music' is made purely for the pleasure of its sound.

The grumdog pup is sheltered for the several months after birth in its mother's pouch, where the soft, pliable spines on its back gradually harden into defensive spikes. When this occurs, the grumdog is said to enter adolescence, and is referred to as a 'cub.' The cub is free to explore the choir's warren and learns to dig, hunt and sing by playing with the other cubs. Eventually, the spines fuse into an armor of scaled plates, marking the creature's physical maturity.

Grumdogs primarily eat mushrooms and grubs, though some warrens with access to subterranean pools will catch fish as well.

Grumdog warrens are often wildly complicated systems of intersecting tunnels and caves, usually centered around a larger chamber used for mating. The alpha gets first choice of mate, and the rest of the males in the choir compete for females by singing. Around this chamber are various satellites, with most grumdogs digging out and claiming a cave for themselves in which they will sleep and occasionally bring food to eat. A choir can hold up to two dozen grumdogs at a time, though more usually they number around fourteen.

Grumdogs make their homes in the craggy mountains of Khaz Modan, where they construct their warrens off the sides of naturally occurring cave systems or abandoned Dwarven mines.

Upon the discovery of this species, Dwarven researchers conducted a famous series of experiments that determined, to the scientist's profound delight, that grumdogs are huge fans of beer. They are easily trained and a great hit at parties.

Arashi 09-28-2012 02:26 PM

Would mechanical things count as creatures?

Cantus 09-28-2012 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by Arashi (Post 564399)
Would mechanical things count as creatures?

So long as it's unique...yes.

Falarson 09-28-2012 04:42 PM

I love handclaw's concept. I'll see if I can submit something soon. I may or may not recycle something from my old "Pandaria Bestiary" thread.

Anansi 09-28-2012 04:47 PM

May we submit more than one entry?

Cantus 09-28-2012 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by Archimedes (Post 564422)
May we submit more than one entry?

It's written right into the rules, at least three different creatures, just make sure that they're noted as separate entries. Note the "at least" part, you can always go over and above the call of duty, just so long as you understand that what you're producing should be about quality over quantity.

Anansi 09-28-2012 06:18 PM


The eruption of Mount Kajaro has not been without consequence. The several tons of molten rock that burst from its throat in the Cataclysm was dispersed all across the local seabed, killing much of the local wildlife.

Most, but not all. As the debris settled to the ocean floor, some creatures crept back into the ecological vacuum left in the lava’s wake. One such species was that most noble of apyssopelagic holothurians, the sea pig.

Yes indeed, it was the majestic sea pig which first advanced in waves of hundreds across the underwater mountains of cooling slag and recolonized the affected abyssal plain. So it was that they were the first and, due to circumstances I am about to relate, last to take advantage of the sudden, unprecedented windfall of unrefined Kaja’mite ore.

The sea pigs fed, as they tend to do, on the surrounding mud and slowly, over the course of several hours, a complex network of neural cells and synapses developed inside a pressurized brain case. Then, over the course of the next day, the creatures came to realize a sophisticated sense of identity and purpose. Looking up from their repast of radioactive detritus, they peered blearily through eyeless heads at the world around them. In response to their predicament, the sea pigs’ Kaja’mite-enhanced stem-cells surged into action, fabricating a system of eye-spots all across their bodies. Blinking in amazement at the impenetrable darkness they had never even realized existed, the sea pigs began congregating in an attempt to make sense of their situation.

Three days and one set of sensory membranes later, the sea pigs had managed to coordinate a standard system of communication. Five days after that, thanks to the recent addition of specially adapted prehensile appendages, the things had begun to fortify their Kaja’mite beds with a mixture of mortar and sand synthesized from the conjunction of magma and silt. By the end of the month, the entire sea floor was encased in a thick shell of concrete, rising to a height of eight feet off the bottom of the sea. The sea pigs established a particular mound of sediment as the community center for their new empire, and drew up a constitutional government, under which one council of sea pigs would be in charge of legislating new laws, another council would be tasked with interpreting and evaluating the first council’s decisions and a single sea pig chieftain would preside over their execution.

They never actually called themselves sea pigs. In their language, they were known as “the holy and almighty chosen creatures of the great god of silt and sand whose reign shall be marked in eternity and whose power has no bounds.”

Over the next few months of Lamarckian evolution, sea pig life accelerated dramatically, as their mode of locomotion was fine-tuned by eldritch forces until they could scuttle across the sandy seabed faster than most fish can swim. They designed elegant suits of armor and curious circular blades from obsidian smelted from the sea floor’s sand and the flows of magma that had granted them this new life. These, in addition to a proud martial tradition, were to be used to invade the surface realms and subjugate the lesser races beneath the will of the chosen creatures of the great god of silt etcetera.

At last, seven months after Deathwing’s flyby, as the last of the spilled Kaja’mite was exhausted, the concrete bunker was opened, and the full strength of the mighty sea pig empire broke the surface of the ocean. Workers, soldiers, politicians and scientists all joined in for what they knew would only be the first of many long and bloody campaigns against whatever presumptuous mortals had claimed the drylands for themselves. It was a glorious sight, thousands of shining pink bodies rising from the depths and encountering gaseous air for the first time in history.

They say the scum of burst skin-bags and exploded organs didn’t disperse for weeks.


Anansi 09-29-2012 04:42 PM

Double post, sorry.

The Klepticons and Sargeras go way back. Before his corruption at the hands of the diabolical Nathrezim, the Pantheon’s champion had contended with many of the other dark and cruel races among the streams of the Twisting Nether. One of these was a species of coldly intelligent creatures known as Klepticons. Their origins remain unknown, even to the Titans themselves, but they first came to Sargeras’ attention when they enslaved a planet newly blessed by the Pantheon’s touch. Sargeras stormed across the planet, putting the creatures to the sword wherever he found them. Unlike most of his adversaries, they put up minimal resistance, falling easily beneath his burning blade.

Finally, when the last of the world’s Klepticons were cornered in a last refuge of the now devastated planet, an emissary was sent to the Titan. It declared the intentions of its kind to surrender and swear fealty to the Defender's war against the darkness. Sargeras was ready to strike down the emissary where he stood, but was ordered to stay his blade by Aman’thul. Upon further questioning, the emissary explained much of its race’s nature.

The Klepticons are a race apparently devoid of the warmth of emotion. They do not appear to know either love or hatred, and their motives are inscrutable. They had enslaved many worlds by using their unique and unsettling talents before Sargeras found them.

A Klepticon’s natural body is an amorphous, levitating sack of gases and fluids. They feed on living creatures by enveloping them within the flabby folds of this unwholesome bag and emitting a digestive gas, which doubles as a relaxant to minimize struggle. Once a creature has been devoured, its physical form and many of its memories are learned by the Klepticon, which may then assume the prey’s shape at will. They appear to be immortal, and many of the older Klepticons have amassed thousands of bodies and remember hundreds of worlds. When the things arrive on a planet, they will often consume and masquerade as prominent leaders, allowing them relatively easy access to a supply of new bodies and memories. Eventually, after glutting themselves to their satisfaction and seeding the native population with enough duplicates, they will enslave the unsuspecting survivors for carefully monitored programs of breeding and harvesting.

The Klepticons proved ideal record keepers, for in addition to what they gleaned from each of their victims, they remembered everything they had ever seen, heard or thought. They offered their services to help manage the Pantheon’s databases and Sargeras’ campaigns. Reluctantly, the Defender accepted.

The things quickly earned their keep. They are partially responsible for much of the Titan’s archival technology, and would order every encounter with a new race carefully and logically in their databases. In every encounter with a new adversary, Sargeras would send at least one Klepticon to consume any figures that might know of where more creatures of darkness might dwell. It was in this way that he found the Nathrezim in the first place.

When Sargeras finally fell, the Klepticons fell with him. Refusing the Pantheon’s demands that they revoke their oath of service to the Titan, they followed him into exile, though not before many of their number were struck down by their master’s old friends. In the void, they continue to serve as Sargeras’ most trusted advisors and strategists, triangulating new worlds to conquer and calculating the identities of primary threats to his ultimate ambitions. They were the ones that brought Argus to his attention, and they were the ones who tracked the refugees to Draenor.

To this day, questions remain as to their true motives. What do they hope to gain by serving the Destroyer? Why were they devouring worlds in the first place? What do they hope to gain from this war? Are they autonomous entities, or do they serve a higher power still? Time may tell, though with each Legion conquest more knowledge passes from the world, to be bound forever only in the memories of Klepticon.

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