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Sonneillon 04-05-2018 04:43 AM

Retribution Archives Event
I am incredibly hyped for this! Theres so many unique models for the Talon enemies and they all look BADASS (that blade armed assassin better be playable at some point). Even more surprising is it includes a new map called Rialto in Venice. The event mode is going to be exactly like uprising 4 player PVE against AI, with an alternate all heroes mode. Interestingly I was hoping for the event to be the Talon masquerade mission, but this solidifies we will get that eventually. Rialto as a map will eventually make its way into the main game as a PvP payload map, its going up on the PTR soon apparently.

The comic also introduces so many new characters as well. We get to see a living Gerard, meet a new villain Antonio. Encounter a blond cyborg double agent lady. Moira's new Blackwatch skin is pretty nifty as well. I cant wait to see what happens! I guess Genji is getting a new skin as well as was hinted at in the Dev stream. We are also getting young reaper from when he was in the soldier program, he was apparently Soldier: 24. I can't help but be really interested in finding out how Reaper can possibly end up joining Talon after seeing him in this comic.

Trailer Here

Comic Here

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