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Menel'dirion 10-12-2018 12:59 PM

“Diablo: Reign of Terror” Merch Leaked

Obviously the plot involves Diablo stirring up the populace into a bloody revolution where they behead their leaders with a gillotine. After the wild success of Nightborne they’re really ona French kick.

In all seriousness I doubt this will be a continuation of the Diablo series as we knew it. As I understand it Diablo 3 was meant to end that. Could it be a prequel? A reimagination of the franchise?

Jon Targaryen 10-13-2018 09:21 PM

I read something about a soft reboot - whatever that means. I can't remember where though.

Reinhardt 10-14-2018 11:41 AM

In the end Diablo was not vanquished by heroes but by social security reform.

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