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As an update to this. I didn’t plan on being here for long. I hoped to voice my vote of no-confidence in a way that I felt was adequate and then leave. I certainly don’t want to hang around and complain about everything forever, but Krainz has raised a good point in all this that I feel compelled to address – namely, he believes that Night Elf content in Legion was good, and in this it’s implied that it was good enough that I should trust those writers with the content we are being offered now.

I left WoW before Legion because I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I knew about a handful of spoilers in advance, and none of them really excited me, but Krainz is right, that knowledge is not enough to form an opinion on Legion, which, if I had experienced it, could have had a material impact on my perception.

With that in mind, I want to take this criticism seriously, and to underline that sincerity, I’m going to take a page from my profession and lay out the terms of what I will do to correct this problem, so that I have something to cite and to lay out a set of criteria and expectations that I can’t repudiate later. I will also not edit this post for any reason subsequent to its initial publication.

That out of the way...

Procedures to be Performed

I will, from publicly available information, including quest information, other reviews, Youtube “Let’s play” content, and other media as deemed appropriate, review the Night Elven content of World of Warcraft: Legion (the “Subject Matter”, as later defined).

I will then produce a comprehensive report on my findings which will be published in this thread and used as reference for subsequent posts elsewhere in this forum. That report will follow a prescribed format, enumerated later in this post. I will then issue an opinion on the Subject Matter according to the Applicable Framework (as later defined).

Scope and Scope Exceptions

The Subject Matter is defined to include Night Elven content that includes, is about, or is of direct lasting and specific impact on the playable faction of Night Elves (“Darnassians”).

The Subject Matter explicitly does not include:
- Matters pertaining to neutral factions where the playable faction is excluded (defined to also mean instances of members of a playable faction acting solely on behalf of a neutral organization)
- Representations that are generic in nature and of no consequence to the content in question. (i.e. The mere inclusion of a Night Elf soldier in a broader Alliance group, by itself, does not constitute Night Elf content)
- Environments absent involvement of the playable faction (including archaeology items) (i.e. The presence of Night Elf ruins, by itself, does not constitute Night Elf content)

Form of Report

The report will contain a brief summary of each significant content segment, typically divided on the basis of zones, dungeons, raids, or segments of patch content. Each segment will begin with a description of the scope of the content to be discussed, or a statement that “substantially all of this section’s content is out of the scope of this report”, where appropriate. I will discuss my overall opinion on the segment, with information sufficient to form the basis for a ranking section, to be subdivided as follows:

- Character
- Plot
- Tone

Each subdivision will be assigned a rank (as later enumerated). The average of these ranks will form a composite score for the segment.

After each segment has been scored, the average of the segment scores for zones that fall within the scope of this analysis will be presented as an overall score, and will form the basis for my overall opinion, which shall be presented afterwards.

Lastly, the report will include an exhibit laying out the sources that I considered.

Applicable Framework

This report is intended to document my opinions about the Subject Matter. The following applicable framework is set forth to provide a reasonable expectation for what those opinions may be, as divided by the subdivisions discussed earlier.

- Character: I will judge the characters based on how they act as representatives of their playable faction, how likeable they are to me, and whether I believe their actions flow logically from the situation and their prior presentation.

- Plot: I will judge the plot based on believability, its ability to hold my interest, on consistency with prior lore, and its outcome.

- Tone: I will interpret the tone based on how it seems the writers wanted me to feel about the story, as well as how I actually feel during and at the conclusion of the story. Due to the nature of my discontent, I will more favor tones that make me feel a sense of pride and dock points for intended to depress me.

Ranks are set forth as follows:

Irredeemable (0/100 points) – The experience portrays the Night Elves in the worst possible light and appears as though it was driven by malice. (Example: The Night Elves suddenly losing all of their territory in Kalimdor because the writers said so.)

Kosak Level (20/100 points) – The experience is humiliating, often driven by inconsistencies with prior lore, and it presents the Night Elves as being weak, unsympathetic, illogical, annoying, or useless. (Example: Tyrande’s presentation in A Little Patience)

Depressing (40/100 points) – The experience isn’t malicious, but it is depressing, either because something that defined the race or that they were competent with is being arbitrarily destroyed or taken away, or because the plot focuses on the theme of loss. (Example: Night Elf Questing in Cataclysm writ large)

Passable (60/100 points) – The experience treads water. Nothing good nor bad is done with the Night Elves, but they aren’t portrayed in a negative light or shown as being incompetent. Nothing in particular stands out, either, however. (Example: Night Elf Questing, pre-Cataclysm, Krasarang forest)

Redeeming (80/100 points) – The experience is favorable to the Night Elves. The characters are portrayed as reasonably competent. The plot appears to care about portraying them favorably. (Example: Warcraft III)

Exceptional (100/100 points) – The experience is drop dead amazing. It made me feel proud to be a Night Elf fan. (Example: A patch of content where Night Elves have victories against Horde-aligned Orcs, advertised to the general public with a sizzle reel set to the chorus of Judas Priest’s The Sentinel)


If you feel that I haven’t considered something in my report, please post it with a brief description of what it is, and why it would materially change the report while remaining within its scope.
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