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Originally Posted by JorgeAxe View Post
Baine is not for the tauren.

He exiled tauren for both wanting to avenge their dead friends and family and defending the gates of Mulgore.

Imagine if Tyrande said "Teldrassil is a justified target, anyone going after Sylvanas or defending against the Horde is exiled.

Its just Baine doing something for the Alliance at the expense of the Horde, again.

So in other words, its nothing new.

No one will follow him.
Ok, I get it, you don’t like Baine........ and you know what? I have no real interest in defending him at the moment. He put himself on a limb, took a risk, and it seems to have come back to bite him in the tail, and there’s no particular crime on Sylvanas’s part in punishing him in and of itself.

Regardless, the timing is interesting, seeing as how Tauren Heritage Armor comes out in the very next patch, this could be really interesting. Will it involve freeing Baine? Will Sylvanas bring back Magatha Grimtotem? Will the Kalimdor Tauren see more tribal divisions?
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