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Originally Posted by Krakhed View Post
Oh, it's being handled just hideously, but I like the ideas behind them. Well, not the Void Elves. We didn't need more derivative Elves, and I honestly don't see them ever leaving their mark on WoW. Nightborne actually seem like they'll pair well with Blood Elves as the magic elves, and have lots of history to give them flavor. Void Elves are just kind of mindless garbage.

The thing is, I can sort of glimpse a good idea somewhere in the Light/Void conflict, but I doubt all the writers are on the same page. Void/Light seems to represent multiple dichotomies in one. Id/Superego, Corruption/Purity, and probably others I don't feel like thinking about. Hell, maybe throw in some Jungian Shadow concepts as well.

The Draenei want to heal the Mag'har's scars, as Xe'ra intended with Illidan. But it's all a clear reference to how even unpleasant things, even your mistakes, shape you as a person and are part of the learning process. That it's part of being a complete person.

Honestly, I wouldn't be too surprised if the story built up to reveal that the Void is, quite literally, the Light's shadow. All the things it rejected about itself and cast off, instead of learning to accept and reconciling with.
I like the ideas and concepts behind the whole mess (except, you know, void elves). I agree with a lot of what you wrote above. It's the execution (so far) that leaves me worried. It can still have a great story behind it, I just doubt Blizzard's ability to pull it off well.

I'd like to see a subtle build towards the conflict. By herself, Xe'ra was handled well, IMO. I remember how a lot of us hated that she was praising Illidan like a fangirl, so the twist that she didn't care at all for whatever Illidan had done because his destiny was to serve the Light and end the demons was actually a nice surprise.

I like the possibility that naaru can have their own personalities and some of them may be flawed in one way or another.

I dislike the possibility that all naaru may be fanatics that so far have just kept their agenda hidden.

(The same about the Void Lords: they'll be way more interesting if only some are behind the Old Gods and void manifestations, while others may be actually benign).

For the entire mag'har situation, I would probably be okay with it if the draenei were handled with subtlety. Instead of seemly fanatics preaching "The Light will heal your scars" to you, maybe it should look into a more straitforward "Surrender, please. We do not need to fight" and leave it open.
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