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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Thank you Krainz, and sorry for not being able to look at this sooner.

I went ahead and continued to the source and... because these people don't believe in presenting the race data by realm type, I pulled the raw numbers server by server.

The results are as follows:

This first visualization compares the actual data to the Reddit Survey:

Actual to Survey by Kyalin Raintree, on Flickr

A few highlights in regards to the accuracy:
Fewer people rolled Dwarves than Reddit said they would.
More people rolled Night Elves in PVE and RP servers than Reddit said they would, but the PVP data was mostly accurate.
Fewer people rolled orcs than Reddit said they would.
More people rolled trolls than Reddit said they would.

The Night Elf actual numbers in RP-PVE realms will become important shortly, but the normal PVE realms are also notable.

But there's still a large decrease as demonstrated in the comparison of the 2019 data to the 2005 and 2006 data:

2019 vs 2005 by Kyalin Raintree, on Flickr

2019 vs 2006 by Kyalin Raintree, on Flickr

The red bars still exist for the most part, but in the PVE and the RP-PVE surveys we climb down from the 40s and 50s in terms of percentage drops and get down to a 28-32% decline for PVE realms and 20%-24% decline for RP-PVE realms.
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