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Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
Maybe I missed something, but Ori's story takes place way in the future. Mine, with the exception of the backward time travel, are present-time, or very close to it. Hollus dies in her story, but it should be years from now.
I was more referring to the unusual use of the word 'spoke.' That was something of a signature move for her. However, you did catch me on the timeline thing. Once you two started doing crossover, your stories got merged in my head. Sorry.

Originally Posted by Bolvar View Post
Seriously, I'd pay you a few bucks to send you the entire story to date in MS Word format and just do all the edits you deem necessary prior to publishing it online.
*stunned* Well...I'd actually be interested, assuming the deadline was reasonable. Even with school out, things may be...chaotic for a while.
Every ending is but a new beginning.
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