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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Oh, it is precisely how this works. And some sneaky gibberish about "massive offense" that does not even concern me won't weasel you of this either, sweetie.

In the past, you have proven yourself to be a politically bigoted, violent, arms hoarding alcoholic. Now, we can also add Nordicist and ethno-bigot. Wonderful.
Why am I not surprised.

Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
It's more of a strange irony where these people have historically been discriminated against for being nonwhite, but now they've managed to jump the fence into "whiteness" in some minds, so now they want to do the discriminating against who they perceive as nonwhite.
Race has never been a problem in European politics, it's all about culture, religion, and such. There's no racial problems against whites, and no racial problems against other races.

Literally, the only place in the world where racism is a thing is America. No one else gives a fuck about your obsession with race outside of your bubble, sans the typical progressive retards, whose ideas come from you anyway, and the supremacists, whose ideas also come from you as well.

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