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I'm going with a tentative 7 for now. I enjoyed it and it was certainly overall very true to the universe, which isn't something I feared but it was nice to be reassured.

As others have said it felt rushed at times and people without knowledge of the universe would probably feel lost now and then. The Lothar/Garona stuff was eh. Honestly I thought there was more chemistry between Foster/Patton in that one scene then there was between Fimmel/Patton in every scene they had.

The Taria/Garona scene was an unexpected favorite. The acting was pretty overall solid, with some lapses here and there but I think Schnetzer was the real star. He definitely carried a few scenes IMO. Patton was very consistently good as well.

Some lore changes I was a fan of, others not so much. The magic was completely on-point but I don't care at all for the fact there was absolutely no talk of or even usage of the Light whatsoever. I kinda got the impression even that it was just an area of lore that Duncan doesn't care for and if there's a sequel with paladins and lots of Light usage it's going to bite him in the ass when the audiences not familiar with the universe are like "What the fuck is this magic and why didn't we hear about or see it in the first movie yet it's seemingly been around all this time?"

Overall though, it was a fun and faithful experience which is what I wanted.
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