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Originally Posted by Stormcrusher View Post
Another location is Tirisfal. There's rumors of an ancient evil deep beneath the area. Krasus's citadel in the mountains is said to be nearby and in the basement is a small well with magic like the Sunwell, but when within you hear dark whispers. When the High Elves landed in the area they were driven to violence among each other, speculation is that the Old Gods whispered to them. There's also one or 2 quests in Undercity related to the Forsaken actually using Old God's blood and stuff.

Look to the west of the Lordaeron symbol and there is a drawing similar to the drawing/symbol where the Master's Glaive is.

And I do not think these are slain Old Gods I think they are similar to forgotten ones but with a different appearance due to the fact that they serve under a different old god.
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