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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
I'm curious, explain please.
He's voiced by Fred Tatasciore who is Soldier 76 on Overwatch.

Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
To be frank, I'm quite happy with the Alliance campaign character team. Alleria, Umbric, Wyrmbane, Shaw, Falstad, Shandris, Kelsey, Keeshan and even Aysa. The line up is very good, I just wish some of them are used better or more often (I mean, I saw no news about Aysa doing anything, I only know she's there because I found her meditating in the boat in Boralus).

I hope this team keeps appearing over the patch cycle, and more characters are added.
Yeah, hopefully there'll be a Draenei and Worgen that's part of it at some point. (Or hopefully, those races get used in a future war campaign story.)
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