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Originally Posted by Vineyard View Post

This Team Liquid article, which was also featured in the Kotaku article, emphasizes in a lot more details about the differences between BW and SC2.

It mostly featured on how the limited tech of BW created a completly different gameplay than featured in SC2, which seamingly alienated BW "veterans".

SC2 plays much more faster than BW and is in many ways much more unforgiving to mistakes.

Also apparently, BW has a "hard to master" feeling, that greatly appeals to this playerbase. (Since, yeah, it took them years to master the game and they couldn't really use their experience in SC2.)

And the casting addon issue sadly is true. It's quite easy to predict the outcome of a game in SC2, when you see how one of the players has fallen back in terms of ressources, minutes in advance.
That's all gameplay related though, and has nothing to do with tech or graphics.

Blizzard made a mistake trying to reinvent the wheel. Some radical changes, like the zerg larvae and the queen, were hated by veterans since day one, and they still pushed them. The Thor was a mess at the beginning as well, and they were forced to nerf it later on for obvious reasons, but the sole fact that someone thought it was a good idea to begin with shows they didn't know what they were doing.

For an eSports game, the lack of basic eSport tools was pretty damning as well. The trilogy model was a mistake as well, since it damned the game to not be complete until the 3rd part released.

They didn't listen during the entire development process, and made up whatever the hell they wanted, not giving a damn about veterans and top players, pretending they knew better. That's why failed.

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