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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Also I think I've found one of the pre-expansion event quests
Late random thought: now I imagine an Alliance-side version in which you get disguised as an orc and infiltrate Orgrimmar... only to find nightborne patrols. "An illusion? What are you hiding?"

Originally Posted by Asterisk View Post
Not N'Zoth, G'huun. In some quests after Zul starts his coup, his followers shout "Bow to G'huun!" and channel blood magic into other trolls trying to convert them. Which is frankly just unnecessary, he has perfectly valid motivations and plans without that, they didn't need to slap an Old God on him at all.
Blizzard writing at its finest. No subtlety. Zul could very well want to resurrect Dazar to fight G'huun's minions, but no! Let's just turn him into corruption case #13233445.
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