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I don't think there should be 5 races though. Blizzard would become a hypocrite after saying with Starcraft II "We don't add races just for the sake of it" which is kinda why they stuck with 3 in SC II, and why they will stick with 3-4 in WC IV. Thus, I don't think the Scourge should be a race.

The thing is, Night Elves are Friendly to the Alliance. Once they get a Neutral race, then I think that should be on their own. Even though even while trying hard, the Alliance has too many units with NE, there will be more races added, so either the Horde or the Forsaken will be expanded, and either the Alliance or a new race will be expanded. Blood elves and Forsaken are very unique from each other as well, they don't have a similar culture at all but they get along well because A) They where both attacked by the Scourge and B) The UD are taking advantage of the BE (the UD in Tranquillien seem polite compared to the Undercity/Sepulcher/Tarren Mill/Deathknell/Brill UD). Another thing that you seem to forget is that most of the NE's allies have either left them (Chimaera), or decided to not actively help them fight the Horde (Keeper of the Grove), so they wouldn't have as many units as last time. Keeper of the Grove would be a Neutral hero, whereas Dryads, Mountain Giants, Faire Dragons, etc. should be a creep group, you know, ones that hang around together.
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