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Sounds like an awesome idea. Only qualm with it would be that for someone who wanted to complete all quests, he'd be caught in some kind of equilibrium.
Well, certain quests wouldn't be able to be done. For example there'd be a diabolical quest to kill the person who wants the blanket, for fear she might betray the Forsaken and give important information to the Scourge. If you kill her you can't exactly make her a blanket. And if you make her a blanket then you get reprimanded by the Forsaken commander in the town. (Though you can still kill her afterward to save face). So if you wanted to do EVERY quest in the game, you'd have to be very specific about what order you did it in.

But eh, I don't even think doing every quest in the game should be feasible.

If anything, instead of doing Diabolical or Heroic quests, just give your character an option of how to end the quest, in a heroic or diabolical fashion.
That could work for certain quests, but I don't think it'd work for all of them, and that'd take some of the fun out of it.
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