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Originally Posted by Walter Black View Post
I fully support this idea. In every mmo I've ever played, the one thing missing is choice, real roleplaying. I understand that different races and cultures are meant to represantational of certian archetypes, but IMO you should be able to choose your path within the dictates of that setting. For example, an undead getting a quest to free the human prisoners in the Undercity would be "evil" to the Forsaken. I've heard the arguement, "if you wanted to be a good guy you should have rolled a human," but if that was the case, why include any non human races at all? What if I want to steal treasure from the Dwarves, or preform contract assasinations on my Alliance rogue*?

In the original WoW alpaha, Blizzard toyed with the idea of allowing players quests that made them Hostile to their own faction. I've never played either of the Everquest games, but from what others have told me you could choose your own morality and alliances, rather than being stuck with one side or the other. I do like EQ2's Betrayal Quest option, where you can always choose to corrupt or redeem your character. As long as the Heroic versus Diablolic quests focused more on story, rather than simply grinding one side or the other, they would be a great addition to WoW 2.
This would be a great idea if there were more neutral cities that allowed the outcasts to do everything they could do in their home faction city. I have a human rogue that I would love to RP as a merc assassin. I would like to see Ravenholdt manor have the ability to become a small hidden city. There would need to be all the trainers there and artisans available in that city. Also a linked auction house and bank. This is what would be necessary for there to be neutral players.
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