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Raw Scores

Blackrock 5 15.63%
Stormreaver 7 21.88%
Black Tooth Grin 1 3.13%
Bleeding Hollow 11 34.38%
Twilight's Hammer 2 6.25%
Dragonmaw 1 3.13%
Burning Blade 5 15.63%

Total Scores So Far

Blackrock 5x2=10+11=21-5=16
Stormreaver 7x2=14+2=16-5=11
Black Tooth Grin 1x2=2+1=3-5=-2
Bleeding Hollow 11x2=22+5=27-5=22
Twilights Hammer 2x2=4+7=11-5=6
Dragonmaw 1x2=2+1=3-5=-2
Burning Blade 5x2=10

As it seems, the Bleeding Hollow clan leads the way, bringing the Blackrock clan along for second place. Stormreavers take third place and manage to keep the Twilights hammer barely alive. Despite banding together, both the Dragonmaw and the Black Tooth Grin falter to chaos of the Burning Blade, which takes 4th place.

However, should the Burning Blades chaos detract from the total scores, as I've done, or from the raw scores (which would be altogether more devastating). If it is taken from the raw score, should it affect the amount of support a clan can send to it's ally?

Another interesting twist we could do would be to implement some of the Clan rivalries, such as Kilroggs rivalry with Cho'gall, perhaps the Blackhand Brothers and Doomhammer, not to mention Gul'dan's emnity with the Warchief. Would that be fun?

Any other additional rules that could make this more interesting?
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