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Originally Posted by HoodedMan View Post
So guys, which heroes are still "missing" in your opininon?
I feel that in-game we need more representation from each franchise.

WoW desperately needs:
A Priest hero
A Rogue hero
A Warlock hero (Gall doesn't really feel like the warlock playstyle so i don't really count him)
A (real) Druid hero (one who shapeshifts, maybe Broll Bearmantle?)
A draenei hero
A gnome hero (would love Gelbin as we have seen him in hints)
A Forsaken hero (I know we have Sylvanas, but she doesn't fit the image of the player character. Might I suggest Nathanos Blightcaller?)

Of the racial heroes we already have represented, I want to see their opposite genders eventually as well cuz hey, diversity never hurt.

SC desperately needs:
Rory Swann - cuz again, diversity (allbeit body shape in this case)
Gabriel Tosh - diversity (pulling the black card on this one, though now that Tracer has a spectre skin too I'm not so sure but a guy can dream, right?)
Alexei Stukov - cuz who does't love russian accents and a dangly carapace lol
Female Protoss - Salendis or Vorazun would do fine in this regard.
Protoss Machinery - we have the Siege Tank for the Terrans, why not Fenix in a Dragoon or someone piloting a Scout would be awesome)

My Diablo list isnt too long cuz most of what I want is already covered or at least hinted at but I can't stress one point enough. While different genders for D3 heroes would diversify it, I feel like there are alot more sources they could pull from first before going that route.

D2 Druid ftw (could give them a traditional worgen skin, more like the feral ones in WotLK than the playable ones in Cataclysm)
Malthael is a must
Zoltun Kulle is an interesting character. Feel he could somehow use Kanai's Cube as an interesting mechanic.

In a nutshell though, I like what we have thus far but I feel we need to diversify the character selection to appeal to how their audiences have peered into their franchises. They see these worlds through the eyes of their characters, do they not?

Or thats my take on it anyway...

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