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Thumbs up Warcraft: Reign of Chaos - a web-series adaptation

Call me a Slowpoke (pun intended), but today I've discovered a very creative web series trying to adapt WCIII with WoW graphics.
The channel is called JoseBV. He went out of his way to edit in dialogues from various localized versions as separate videos, so if you have nostalgia for Russian/Spanish/etc. WCIII voice acting, you can have that itch scratched just as well.

What I respected the most about these videos is how the author handled juggling Thrall and Arthas together as primary characters in the early story. I have always been skeptical towards fanwank like "The Warcraft movie should have been WCIII, Arthas is THE Warcraft character", as I didn't think it possible to handle the campaigns well, mostly with Exodus of the Horde being so different from the Scourge of Lordaeron. However, Jose really worked hard to make them fit together, even setting up the "Grom troubled by demons" plot early by having him present in the Blackrock&Roll congregation before his capture.
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