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Originally Posted by Royalpimp View Post
Yeah, it's a very respectable effort, but some of his choices are really not to my liking, like the Grom one. I mean, why would Grom hang out with the Blackrocks and why would they allow him to be there considering he's Thrall's second? Even if Thrall sent him as a sort of ambassador or Grom sent himself in that position, it makes little sense that the Blackrocks would be ok with it and even let him leave. It's just a very strange change and it's not really very clear.
Remembering the Warsong from "Lord of the Clans", I've always felt like they were at the brink of falling back to the 'old ways'. It seems to me like Grom secretly wavering between Thrall's ways and the demon-powered ways could be an interesting prelude to his character, and the choices he makes during "The Invasion of Kalimdor".
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