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Orb of Lightning References to other pop culture sources in Starcraft 1/Brood War

How many of them did you notice?

Except such obvious things that:
- Starcraft races are Blizzard interpretation of Games Workshop's Space Marines, Eldars and Tyranids.
- A lot of "Alien" franchise vibe.
- Units' responses quoting lines from various movies/sketches/advertisements.
- The sarlacc.

I have some observations, a lot of which have been surely noticed by people:
- Cliff doodad in jungle/badlands tilesets looking like vault gates from "Fallout". There's even "13" print on it (Vault 13 is the main vault in Fallout 1 plot).
- Desert doodad crude structures looking very "Mad Max-ish" post-apo camp.
- In Starcraft Episode V: First Strike mission, the action takes place in a snowy world. You're having found forsaken camp of Confederates with Samir Duran at the forefront, who's later coming out to be infested by Zerg. It may be reference to "The Thing" movie.

I will write some more points when I recall myself.
Write about your observations.
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