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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
So I had a couple of old highschool friends over and by sheer coincidence I found out we were all in the overwatch beta and they had brought their laptops. I've gotta say I haven't had a LAN party in far, far too long. This game is great when you can shout at each other within the same room.

Also ffs hanzo sucks

EDIT: AS an aside, all characters for launch have been announced at this point, but do you think we've seen all of the maps?
Additional maps before launch might be possible, but I think there's a solid outstanding question of how many ways Team 4 can iterate on control points vs. payload vs. payload hybrid. I get the rationale as to why they don't think a CTF mode would be good (typical response I hear is "everyone plays tracer") but it still seems weird to not have it in an FPS.

And relevant to this discussion:
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