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Originally Posted by BoxCrayonTales View Post
All elves are clearly in some transitional state between mortal and demon due to their exposure to the Well of Eternity, since they are the only races that experience magic addiction in the first place.
I'd say elves changed from troll to kaldorei because they're becoming more titan-like. The Well of Eternity is the blood of Azeroth, the blood of a titan; it's basically Azerite. It transformed the trolls into a form more similar to a titan's. Humans (well, vrykul) were made in the image of the Titans, so elves came to resemble humans.

The WoE in Kalimdor was tempered and hidden by Nordrassil, but the Highborne exiles continued to live near a font of titan blood - the Sunwell, thus becoming even more like titans, and thus, humans.
Daelin was right.
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