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Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
You think they are going to give proper buildings for the Forsaken and the Blood Elves in their campaigns come TFT?
Blood Elves & High Elves probably will. Forsaken? Maybe. I imagine they could maybe make equivalent units to some of the existing Scourge ones. (Like... I dunno, Undead Dragonhawk riders in place of Frost Wyrms?)

I dunno how willing they are to fiddle with non-aesthetic things, though. Adding pseudo-hero units is one thing, changing the gameplay mechanics is another.

Are they going to add the Dar'khan Drathir thing? I really don't like that story line so I hope not. (I mean I already don't like the Invasion of Silvermoon, but I think Dar'khan Drathir makes it worse.)

I hope so!! I really want to see the new blood elf models !! I hope we see Lorthemar in the campaign! I also want hero Lorthemar!
Most likely they'll sub out the Archmage for Anasterian Sunstrider. Just for cohesion.

Lor'themor could be a Shandris-style unit for the High Elves during the campaign, or maybe as part of the Blood Elf campaign.
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