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Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
They expanded Stratholme to match WoW. Imagine them doing that for Silvermoon AND Quel'Danas.
I dunno if they can do Quel'danas without messing with the map design of the level. (Even on the over world map in Reign of Chaos: Quel'danas exists) But they'll probably make Silvermoon resemble the WoW map more closely.

Probably add an Eversong Tileset, though. I think they'll add a lot of tilesets really.

I imagine they'll mainly change up the big, identifiable locations made to look more like their WoW counterparts.

Hearthglen, the Black Temple... probably Icecrown and Azjol'Nerub overall.

The weird thing is Andorhal is one of the few places in WoW that just flat out matches it's WC3 counterpart. The layout is almost identical. Same with Hyjal.

Then with stuff like the Broken Isles it doesn't really make sense to change it because the WoW layout is mostly a game constraint (making a series of islands where the questing experience took place would have been really awkward).

There's certain things I really don't want them to do. Like for example the first Night Elf mission in Terror of the Tides. If they use the Azshara colour palette that mission is just going to entirely lose the ambience it had.
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