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Are you kidding, 4channers are the cream of the crop when it comes to extended pranks. They know the ins and outs of making things look as believable as possible, and you'll go along with it right up until you realize there's a tranny fondling you in the middle of a hyper-extreme bondage show while someone throws banana cream pies at monkeys in the midst of making the Ridin Biden 4 porno. Yes, that can and will happen, mark my words, and those responsible will be at most 2 degrees of separation from an idea off 4chan.

But, if you haven't realized from my extended mock chauvinism, there's no need to prove yourself around here. We may not be extremely trusting, but we're all pretty much too involved in warcraft to care whether the person posting before us is male, female, orc, or crocodile so long as they're capable of discussing the material.

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