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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post

That said, the impression I'm getting from this last page or two is that the people want a blend of technology and magic. Great! We're getting somewhere! Now what should the ratio be? What sorts of magic and what sorts of technology? Is magic a chaotic or an orderly thing? Is the technology intrinsically magical? Are magically and technologically advanced cultures frequently at odds, are they friendly or are they integrated to some degree? Are there intrinsic differences in the intellectual capacities of different species/races that make one or another more inclined toward technology or spellcraft than others? Let's get some more ideas flowing.

And start thinking about what kinds of cultures, races, religions, geographical gimmicks and plot dynamics you'd like to see.
For me, the rules of magic should be :

-species with high level in technology shouldn't be able to use a great deal of magic, not because they can't but because the magic requires a very special mindset which is largely incompatible with the mindset required to create advanced technology. Obviously, species which have mastered the mystic arts shouldn't be able to create advanced technology. So the techmagi would be stuff of legends, when two species worked together to achieve a greater goal.

-the magic ins't in a inherent way a chaotic or wild power, but its effects depend of the mindset of the pratictioner : for instance, the member of a civilized species would be able to use the magic as a precise and subtle tool because his mindset would allow him to, but he would be unable to use his mastery of magic to unleach chaotic spells of destructions. Obviously, the member of a brutal species would be the exact opposite.

-faith should play a big part in the use of magic because it is a component of the mindset : when one faith is strong, the use of magic is less numerous, but the remaining ones are more powerful (for instance if someone follow the religion of a Healing Goddess, then his power will be restricted to heal with his culture adding a level of disparity in the use of magic : a civilized would be able to heal terrible wounds which require precision and dexterity but couldn't do it to more than one, or at best two, wounded people, while a barbarian would be able to heal a lot of people but only if they have small wounds).

That's all I could think of for now, since I've an exam today, so I can't think about it as much as I would like.
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