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Originally Posted by Korath View Post
I would prefer training myself, but it can be both, it depends of the species. For instance, some magical species could have a politic of "Anyone who want to learn magic can" while other could have "Only people born in the nobility/arcanocracy have the right to learn magic". In the second case, commoners are left with superstitions, very rough knowledge of the magic and a lot of problems when a noble birth a bastard or when child with a powerful raw potential are discovered.

Edit : but don't believe that in my first example, the species is inevitably benevolent : they could allow training for every person who want to become a mage only because they have goals which require a lot of magic users.
I too prefer magic is everyone but only people with appropriate training can use it.

When I was referring to birth I was actually referring to pre-conditions that exclude everyone else like being born with being able to use magic that excludes almost everyone, or touching a unicorn or being exposed to magic, or something like that.

I think we should start with he basic rules and not go with what the race can't or can do? Which is why we should held the first vote on what type of magic we want: By training or have a condition outside of the individual's control, like birth or being exposed.

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