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They dont have much answers outside of "we are working on it" and probably going to be 1.0-1.12.1 or 8.0 I am not sure. But it being set in 8.0 is very improbable.

AFAIK it is just the old code so just vanilla stuff no LFR and stuff. Though you could add cata water stuff and new models, probably on the client side, as you are able to do that on private servers. Personally i dont want transmog in classic, maybe in wrath of the lich king. but before that, nah.

mostly becaus well the stuff about looking at a guy in orgrimmar/stormwind/if stuff.

They have not said anything about subs and stuff, but it will probably come down to buy access vs sub. Because if they are going to do "Progressivve servers" (I.E:going from 1.0->1.1->....->1.12.1 and then into 2.0 and tbc) well the sub fee might be questionable, because it is basically not much "new" content per say.

as it is mostly old content revisited or well old content that was made alot of years ago but now available again because wll yeah i think you get it.
And one of the reasons for sub fees in WoW is because of the rapid free content. and other stuff probably. but yeah given that reason well its hard to say. It is blizzard, But i doubt we will get separate subscriptions, if tthey are goign to do something like that it will probably be if you have a sub to b4a you can play classic.

As for 3:

Most likely implented on the thing, it will probably be something like PTR/Beta accounts where you have the dropdown menu and stuff.

or. probably jus a new game there the same way SC2 and SC remastered exists.
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