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I have ordered and started to wear breast prosthesiseseses. Took a bit of courage i don't actually have on the grounds that A.) they look fake as fuck (because they are fake as fuck), B.) my face continues to not change, and C.) they don't just look fake, they also look unattached because my chest is VERY wide and they're designed for regular / thin people. With the right forming bra (and two sports bras to hold them in place) it doesn't look TOO bad but even then there's a noticeable gap between my "boobs" and the area where my dog ears from the mastectomy begin. It's okay with a vest or shirt on but, well, the very damn day i ventured out the first time Summer decided to start, so i got a cold-water-start with them.
I have to say - i do like the way it looks from above. Kinda looks normal, and, dare i say it, cool. Not attractive by any means but i have decided to pursue top surgery at the earliest convenience instead of when i'm thinner. Which, let's be blunt, isn't very likely to happen anyway. I keep trying though.
Sadly because of the dog ears (skin and fat flaps under my armpits that my surgeon overlooked; imagine fat rolls except flat and partial scar tissue) i probably won't be able to use those professional medical prosthetics that you partially adhere to the side of your chest; probably too much conflicting tissue there. Then again i'm not at all sure if my insurance would pay for it anyway.
Current plan is to maybe order bigger prosthetics until i can sort out medical ones, but i'm actually fairly happy with the size of the ones i have, just wish they were wider, and bigger cup sizes i could find generally just go deeper, not really wider. Still mulling that one over.
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