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Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
cant you invest in a gastric bypass or something like that?
One was planned. I was deemed mentally unfit for the surgery because i kept flip-flopping on yes or no on the surgery, primarily because they kept introducing and not properly explaining new side effects and potential dangers and all in all just tried to talk me out of it. None of this got any easier because the eternal up and down of my hormone levels has quite negative effects on my emotions. (Right now i feel a little better but that's mostly because i have to start building up estrogen again because my medication has been unavailable in Austria for over a month.) It's exhausting and amplifies everything emotionally, which is a shit show if you have lifelong heavy depression and only rarely have any positive emotions to amplify. I have decided to not pursue weight loss surgery right now because i don't think i'm mentally stable enough in the long term either.

Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
That's pretty ironic. Having them, getting rid of them and now wanting them again.
The old ones were nothing but a burden on me; one was completely misshapen on top of being big, the rubbing on my clothes occasionally rubbed open my nipples (bloody nipples! i don't recommend them.), they hurt while running and i had no sensation in them whatsoever so i didn't even get some fun out of them. While I don't shed a single tear for the old ones I do realize that it is an odd medical history. My doctors and my therapist tell me that it's not that unlikely to a cis woman getting them removed just in case due to higher breast cancer risk (which, factually, was a big part of the decision, 'cause looking at the way cancer is eating my older relatives i DO NOT need that shit in my life) and getting reconstruction. Eh. I guess. I'll never have any sensation in any boobs i'll get, no matter what form they take, pun intended, i'll likely get tattoo-nipples and have the old ones removed because the surgeons completely botched the entire procedure and what i have left looks like they belong on a pizza, and they'll never look anywhere close to normal without a shirt on, which i'm fine with. I just need all the help i can get to at least somewhat pass. Call it Karma.

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