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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
Delaryn...? She's not with Sylvanas?

So, the raised night elves just switched sides and fought for their murderers on their own will?

That sucks major balls unless there's some explanation about mind-control somewhere in the plot...
According to the people on the SoL discord, there's more stuff being datamined where they say the had their minds manipulated and twisted similarly to the explanation they gave for the farmers in WPL back in Cata.

Also, Azshara on her true plan and how Sylvanas is an even greater threat than N'Zoth:

Azshara: We have a bargain, then. I will bring both fleets crashing to the ocean floor, and your champion will deliver the dagger to me.
Sylvanas: And in turn, you will have the key required to free the Old God from his bonds... and leave him vulnerable.
Azshara: You wound me, Warchief. After all, I am as dedicated to my master as you are to your subjects.
Sylvanas: Indeed. Just be certain that once you have what you need, you dispose of your guests. Let none of the "heroes" escape.
Azshara: I admire your ruthlessness, Windrunner. It seems our interests are aligned... at present.
Sylvanas: At present.
Azshara: Treacherous Banshee! Do you think I am blind to the darkness you seek to unleash?

8.3 dialogue:
You bore me. Obey my demands or suffer.
Your performance is tiresome. Fulfill my wishes or die.
Now go and do what you will. I tire of intermediaries and heralds. The true throne of power beckons, and I intend to claim it.

Keep that orb away from me!
Do not allow the Void to touch me!
You will suffer for this!

In 8.3, she is being tortured by the Dark Inquisitor Xanesh boss. She now reveals to heroes her master plan, of wanting to use the Blade of the Black Empire to stab N'Zoth after freeing him.
Submit, Azshara! Beg forgiveness for your failure! Your betrayal!
Insolence only prolongs your agony! You will break, or I will carve out your defiant tongue!
Impudent underling! You will... address me... as queen!
More likely, Xanesh... Azeroth's champions... will be the ones... to silence you.
Release me! Only I possess the means of defeating N'Zoth!
Mind your tone, whelpling. A queen keeps her promises. Listen closely, as I will only say this once.
For all his bluster, N'Zoth was ever the weakest of his kin. One vestige of their power yet remains that can be turned against him.
I would have driven this blade into his foul heart myself... had you not disrupted my plans.
No matter. Xal'atath is yours, mortals. Strike true. Should your first blow fail, you will not survive to attempt another.

Tyrande and Anduin on peace with the Horde, plus who the new Warchief is (sort of):

Anduin: The armistice is signed. At long last, the Fourth War is over.
Tyrande: No. Not while the Black Moon still cries out for vengeance. Not until the Horde has answered for its treachery.
Anduin: Further bloodshed will not bring back the fallen. We must renew our hope and forge a future for those who survived.
Tyrande: And when the next warchief musters an army, will hope save you if it is Stormwind that burns?
Anduin: I know it's difficult to trust, but there are signs of change within the Horde. In place of a warchief, there is now a council led by Baine, Thrall, and the others. I believe they can--
Tyrande: Your faith is naive, lion son. I will sign no treaty unless it is written in the Banshee's blood!
Anduin: Tyrande!
Genn: There is truth in her words, Anduin. Peace may be on the table today, but soon enough the Horde will sound their drums and march for war.
Genn: When that day comes, no scrap of parchment will hold them back.
Anduin: The path to peace will not be easy, and not all will choose to walk it. But this is the only way to build a better future. I believe it will work, Genn.
Shandris: You spoke harshly to King Anduin, Tyrande. The kaldorei can ill afford to shun the Alliance. They have provided aid and comfort to us in these dark times.
Tyrande: The young king is foolish to trust our enemies. Harsh words should be the least of his fears.
Shandris: The Banshee Queen no longer leads the Horde. Those who do seem more inclined toward peace than war.
Tyrande: If the wolf is rabid, it matters not who rides it. Sooner or later, the beast will bare its fangs.
Shandris: You are dearest to my heart, Tyrande. I beg you, let go of the Black Moon's rage and embrace the mother's light once again. I could not bear to lose you to darkness.
Tyrande: Know this. My hunger for vengeance will not be sated so long as Sylvanas Windrunner remains free--and until I know why Elune abandoned her children.
Shandris: Tyrande! Do not say such--
Tyrande: I will tarry no longer in this city of men. Let us leave for the boughs of Nordrassil.
Tyrande: From there we will dispatch the Sentinels to every corner of Azeroth. Let no one rest until the Banshee is found!

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