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I’m gonna own that I’m not informed enough to comment on the situation in Hong Kong. There are other issues that press my mind more.

I’m going to say that as a private company, if Blizzard doesn’t want to associate themselves with a political movement, that’s their business.

On the other hand, if we as consumers dislike how they conduct their business, we don’t have to do business with them.

After last year’s BlizzCon, I’m betting they really want a good BlizzCon this year. So, how many people will boycott Blizzcon, or specific events at Blizzcon? How many of those going to BlizzCon will now go as protesters, and would that cause more damage than lost subscribers or uninstalled games on a home computer? I wonder if other pro-Hearthstone players will show solidarity with Blitzchung? Will they be cowed by his example, or moved by it?
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